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01 April
10 April 2023

Tunisia On the Road also with passenger in cooperation with Moto&Turismo On/Off Road


We will be heading back to Tunisia with our bikes in co-operation with Moto & Turismo On/Off Road.

It will be a totally on-the-road raid open to all motorbikes, even with a companion.
A tour that will take us from the North to the South of Tunisia.
We will pass from the beautiful Hammamet to the endless palm trees of Tozeur where we’ll also
visit the set of Star Wars located near the dunes, the salt lake (Chott El Djerid) through which we’ll
cross with our bikes, but staying on the asphalt.
Douz " the desert gate ", the oasis of Ksar Ghilane, the curves of Matmata and the troglodyte houses
and then a well deserved break in a wonderful resort in Djerba.
Doesn't it seem enough?
We will obviously have a van with us to transport luggages and equipments, with a mechanic for
any inconveniences.
Just arrive at the port of Genoa at the appointed time and we'll take care of the rest.
For those who need a Tom42 motorbike to use for the tour, we have the beautiful Yamaha Tènèrè
Request a quote including the bike, Tom42 is only one hour away from the Port of Genoa!



24th September: GENOA - BOARDING
We will meet at the Port of Genoa at 12 noon. W’ll get acquainted with the boarding procedures
and then depart for Tunis at 6 p.m. Approximately 24 hours of sailing.
25th September: TUNISI - HAMMAMET 70KM
In the morning, after breakfast, we’ll have a briefing about the trip. We’ll arrive at the Port of Tunis
at around 15:00, after the customs and controls we’ll be able to leave and face the 70 km which
separate us from Hammamet. We will stay in a beautiful hotel where we can have dinner and rest.
26th September: HAMMAMET - TOZEUR 405 KM
Today we’ll face the first stage on the Tunisian soil which will take us to Tozeur: The city is located
in an oasis, on the edge of the Sahara desert, north-west of the Chott el-Jerid. It is surrounded by
more than a thousand hectares of palm groves with about 1.6 million palm trees.
On the way we’ll stop to admire the Roman archaeological ruins of Sbeitlà and have lunch.
We’ll see the first typical North African landscapes with wide open spaces and little traffic, at a
tourist speed, to allow everyone to enjoy their holiday. Overnight and dinner at the hotel in Tozeur.
27th September: TOZEUR - STAR WARS SET - DOUZ 220 km
Today we’ll leave towards Nefta, where we will cross a narrow strip of asphalt in the middle of the
desert which will take us to a truly magical place: the set of Star Wars, embedded in the dunes of
the desert. After the stopover, we'll set off again to face the salt lake, Chott el Djerid, where we'll
stop for a surprise lunch and admire the glittering white and reddish salt, in a boundless and exciting
space: the surface of the salt lake consists of an agglomeration of salt crystals resting on a sandy and
clayey bottom. Rainfall in the area rarely exceeds 100 mm per year and the temperature often
reaches 50 °C, making the lake completely dry in summer. Periodically, the scarce rainfall in the
region melts the crust, causing salt to rise up to the surface, which rapidly crystallizes as a result of
intense evaporation; the wind then covers the crystalline salt with sand, in this way the surface
constantly changes colour.
We will spend the night in a hotel in Douz at the foothills of the Sahara dunes, in a place considered
to be "The Gateway to the Desert".
28th September: DOUZ - KSAR GHILANE 145 km
Today's route is a short one to make way for the wonderful oasis of Ksar Ghilane at the foothills of
the Eastern Erg of the Sahara. We will spend the night in a very special location with all the
comforts, like real sultans. Inside the oasis we will find a natural swimming pool of sulphureous
water where we will be able to have a bath and relax with the surrounding desert dunes...
29th September: KSAR GHILANE - MATMATA - DJERBA 240 KM
We will leave Ksar Ghilane behind us and we will face initially the Pipe Line (road that skirts the
pipeline) with great spaces in front of us, then the curves that will lead us to Matmata to visit the
troglodyte houses, still perfectly preserved. After the visit we will leave towards the island of
Djerba, where we will find a wonderful resort with all the comforts for our deserved relaxation.
30th September: FREE DAY IN DJERBA
Today we’ll be a relaxing day in Djerba, with swimming pool, massages and optional excursions.
1st October: DJERBA - HAMMAMET 465 KM
We will return northwards from Djerba to Hammamet, where we’ll sleep in the same beautiful hotel
as on the outward journey. We’ll travel along the coast, stopping for lunch. We plan to visit El Jem,
where there is a small Coliseum, very similar to the one in Rome, perfectly preserved and open to
tourism. The amphitheatre of El Jem was built by the Romans under the control of the proconsul
Gordian I, who was acclaimed Emperor in Thysdrus, around 238 and was probably used for
gladiator shows and chariot races (like in the movie Ben-Hur).
In the morning we will visit Hammamet and its wonderful Medina by the sea. In the afternoon we’ll
move to Tunisi for the departure and then re-entry to Genoa.
3rd October: at about 1 pm arrival at the port of Genoa.



Transfer to Tunisia by sea A/R in a double cabin.
Overnight stays in Hotel/tent camp in double room.
Breakfasts in hotel
Lunches along the route
Technical assistance
Luggage transport

Lunches on the ship
Extras and everything not specified in the programme


Our Bikes


PILOT: € 1.450,00
PASSENGER: € 1.300,00
SINGLE ROOM: € 300,00
ADVANCE: € 550,00

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